Our Ciders

Trocken Dry


Tart. Crisp. Unfiltered.
A delicious hard cider made with all local Michigan ingredients. This cider is fermented completely dry, giving it a crisp, tart taste consistent with a German Apfelwein, or some even say a sour craft beer. This cider pairs well with savory meats, strong cheeses and anything with spice.
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Fresh. Bright. Semi-Sweet.
Not too sweet, not too dry this is the just right fruity cider with superior drinkability. Most often compared to a riesling or Moscato, this cider pairs well with soft & creamy cheeses, chicken dishes and your favorite pizza.


Cinnamon. Maple. Semi-Sweet.
Brunch is a new take on an old fashioned family tradition. Inspired by ingredients found on our farm, dry cider offers a complex apple flavor with hints of maple and cinnamon that provides a natural warmth. Perfect for the colder months,  this cider can be served warm or cold. Pairs well with chicken, ribs, and of course anything with bacon.

Sweater Weather

Seasonal Release – Fall and Winter
Chai. Spice. Cozy.
Throw on your favorite sweater, it’s about to get cozy in here!  Snuggle up and sip on this delicious chai cider.  Unlike anything you’ve tried before,  cardamom, cloves, allspice, cinnamon and ginger meet their soulmate in a blend of sharp and sweet apples.  Not too sweet and not too dry, this is the cider for you.  So settle in, get comfortable and most importantly bundle up – because it’s sweater weather time!


Seasonal Release – Spring and Summer
Refreshing. Cucumber. Great Mixer.
You know that amazing feeling when you jump in the water on a hot, sunny day? Well, we canned it for you to enjoy – whenever! Cool, crisp and refreshing, it’s like a poolside afternoon for your taste buds. Freshly picked cucumbers straight from our garden combined with all local apples create an easy-drinking cider that will quench your thirst and leave you craving that next sip. Enjoy it straight or use it as a mixer. Try and savor it if you can, but be warned: this cider is completely crushable.

Tropical Vibes

Seasonal Release – Spring and Summer
Hibernates in winter
Pineapple. Basil. Unforgettable.
WARNING, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRINK THIS CIDER! Inspired by wild nights dancing around Havana, Cuba, as vibrant beats fill the streets, classic cars whizz by and tropical breezes fill the air. This cider is chucked full of tropical vibes and 100% real ingredients, with fresh pineapple and basil straight from our garden. Just be warned: the man doesn’t want you visiting Cuba and they don’t want you to drink this cider either. Be brave and dare to taste what you are missing!

Hop Crop

Seasonal Release – Winter
Juicy. Hoppy. Perfection.
This cider isn’t for everyone.  Made for those looking to take their taste buds on an adventure, this cider is aggressively dry hopped from start to finish.  Not bitter, but a real mouthful.  It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful.  It’s a whole crop of hops fresh from the farm exploding in your mouth.  Packing with citrus and passionfruit flavor, it’s mouthwateringly delicious.



Put out to pasture
Raspberry. Chipotle. Magic.
Some things are just made for each other.  Raspotle is one of those things.  Red Raspberry’s tart fruitiness is the perfect compliment to Chipotle Pepper’s deep, smoky warmth.  The two mingle together in your mouth like soulmates falling in love at first sight.  Sparks will fly, you’ll have epiphanies…  Basically if you’re looking to crack open a can of unexpected magical goodness, we made this cider for you.



Put out to pasture
Zest. Funk. Unfiltered.
For generations, French farmers have aged ales in their basements throughout the winter months to be enjoyed the following spring.  These ales have become known as saisons.  With this as our inspiration, we’ve created this dry, unfiltered cider, aged for nearly a year giving it a unique taste that is equal parts citrus, zest and funk.

Session Series Ciders


Lake Effect Blush

Seasonal Release – Winter
Like a seltzer, but better.
A sessionable 4% like a seltzer, but with real flavor!  Packed with blackberries, lemons and of course apples giving it a nice rosé color you will love!

Lake Effect Zest

Seasonal Release – Winter
Like a seltzer, but better.
A sessionable 4% like a seltzer, but with real flavor!  It’s citrus explosion, made ginger, blood orange, lemon and of course apples!