The Family Roots

A Place To Call Home

1866Our story starts in 1866 when Claus Behrens, an immigrant from Germany, buys 200 acres in Hudsonville, MI.  By the time his family makes it to America, he has built a farmhaus and planted an apple orchard and the family is reunited with a place to call home.

The Family Tradition

1867-2013: As the family grew, pieces of the property were parceled off to the children and grandchildren, along with a farmhaus and barn of their own to continue the family tradition of farming.  However, the original farmhaus and barns were kept together, along with the family orchard and garden.

2014: Breaking Ground
2015: Farmhaus Launches!

March 2015: The dream becomes reality!

Screenshot 2016-04-07 14.29.03

Megan, John, and Ken celebrate the first canning run.

Fall 2015: Cidergaarten Opens


After many requests, we were excited to open the Cidergarten to rave reviews.

Growing Quickly

We’ve been growing and are proud to serve the entire West Michigan area.

2016: Farmhaus Grows

Welcome Brendan!

Ken and family welcome Brendan into their life and he begins to shift his focus to parenthood.

Statewide Distribution Starts!



2019: Leadership Development

Farmhaus Founder named President of the Michigan Cider Association



Megan hails from another state well known for its apples.  A native of the Seattle, WA area, she moved to Michigan in 2006 for college and was hooked. Megan comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, so starting a business was always in the plan.  Choosing to create a craft cidery helps bridge the gap between her home state and her new state and she’s always grateful when her family visits from Washington to help out around the cidery.

Megan can be quite the goofball.  You’re most likely to find her belting out Disney songs in the cidery or doing keg squats while filtering.  If she’s not there, chances are you’ll find her working her day job as a bean counter.



John is the fifth generation Behrens to own the family farm.  He is a lifelong adventurer and lover of all things craft.  While some nights it feels like starting the cidery is his craziest adventure yet, he soon remembers running with the bulls in Spain or bungee jumping in New Zealand and suddenly it doesn’t seem so insane.

As long as he can remember he’s had a dream to create his own business and Farmhaus is the realization of that dream.  It is all of his passions rolled up into one.  Equal parts craft, creativity and adventure.

John is a CPA, MBA and the current President of the Michigan Cider Association


We’re not big fans of letting fancy judges decide what makes a good cider, but it turns out they like our stuff just as well as everyone else!


We believe in business with a purpose and the purpose of Farmhaus is to do good.  We are proud to support causes we care about and organizations that align with our purpose, helping to change the world one cider at a time!  Below are just a few organizations we work with regularly:


We’re also not big fans of haters, but we know haters gonna hate.  So if you’re one of those people, just know we may laugh at your ridiculousness.  Can’t wait to hear from you,